Friday, 28 June 2013


Some of the Vintage With Flair vendors and friends are hosting a Pop Up Sale,  Saturday, July 20th   9 - 4pm.,  Parking lot adjacent to Wow and Then, Longview Alberta.   Items for sale will be a collection of vintage, repurposed, whimsical and one of a kind items.  There will be a parade route through the village which will alter traffic flow for a short time.. Parade begins at 10 and lasts approx 1/2 hr or so..  our market will begin at 9.   If you come at parade time, traffic will be stopped for its duration ..  relax and enjoy the parade.. so either come at 9 visit us then watch the parade.. or drop by following the parade.   We will be there till 4!!

We will have a silent auction of various items, with proceeds going to #RED CROSS FLOOD RELIEF!!

Take some time out and enjoy the ride down to Longview!! We will be glad to see you !!

Sunday, 23 June 2013


Who would have ever imagined that 6 months ago when the dates June 21st and June 22nd, 2013  were reserved for Vintage With Flair, that they would be historic in the most traumatic of situations.   That the rivers would be filled to overflowing and spread throughout the basins and plains towns and cities of southern Alberta.   Unimaginable!!!    Well it happened and so much has been affected.   While we were in progress of setting up we had little idea till late Thursday that all would break loose.   Others had already joined in making Vintage With Flair a shoppers paradise.  We decided when it got risky to postpone our event to Saturday only to see if the waters would subside or increase to the point of putting too many at risk.   As the organiser I for reasons beyond my control was unable to pull out so.. we waited and watched to see if our situation would jeopardise either vendor or shopper.   By Saturday am.. the water was subsiding in  Fish Creek in the Priddis Hamlet and the sun was shining!  With 1/2 of our vendors, as many were very personally affected ,  we opened for 10 am to 4pm  and our faithful friends and neighbours joined us for a bit of a time away from all of the sad news  and events.
Many have thanked us for giving them a time of distraction and a bit of joy in the midst of all the devastation and loss.   That in itself made all of the efforts, adjustments and emotional stress worth while..  There is still much to do in the area of aiding in this most devastating time in so many areas including the city of Calgary.    Because of our faithful supporters   about 325..  we are donating a half of the entry which was $4. per. for a total of $650.. to the Red Cross for flood relief here in the area.    Thank you !!   
Keep posted for news for upcoming events !!!

Have an awesome summer,  and may you find joy in the simple things !!!

Friday, 21 June 2013

VINTAGE WITH FLAIR - Saturday hours 10-4

This has been the most incredible  past 2 days. We are all feeling the stress of so many  who have been displaced,  lost so much  and  extreme heartache.  What was for so many, will be forever changed, and we as your fellow citizens and neighbors say that we are truly sad  and that we will  shoulder to shoulder walk with you through this journey. 

For Vintage With Flair,  there have been tough choices, emotional situations, and also rays of hope and delight!!   Many of our amazing vendors were  Not able to set up their lovely spaces for you to browse 
due to the present circumstances, but there are and will be a number of  creator designers  who arrived  prior to the continual rain and rising waters and have created a wonderful display for you !!!  

We will be open Saturday   from 10 - 4 .. 

$4.00 admission $2.00 will be donated to #yyc flood relief.        

DUE TO THE UNFORTUNATE SITUATION WITH FLOODING IN THE REGION WE HAVE HAD TO CANCEL THE SALE   FOR      FRIDAY  -   We apologize but safety for all is of the most importance !!!!

We will hold over for SATURDAY BUT WE WILL POST UPDATES PLEASE STAY TUNED, as we do have vendors that have and are going to set up!!! BUT AGAIN..  SAFETY IS OF THE HIGHEST IMPORTANCE..  Thank you!!

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Two More Days - Vintage With Flair 2013

Two more days till likeminded creators, designers, entrepreneurs meetup for an amazing showcase of creativity in Priddis, Alberta, Canada.  June 21st 4 -8pm and June 22nd 9 -4pm.  Each vendor brings their style and display techniques in a boutique setting  to present to the world their love of vintage, reusing, upcycyling and individuality!!  Priddis Community Hall is the perfect setting, in the pretty hamlet of Priddis, Alberta, Canada,  and has easy access from Calgary and outlying areas.   Vendor locations are both inside the hall and outdoors under the large carnival tent which allows you our  guests  to browse and  shop comfortably.   A suggestion would be to  bring some mosquito protection.  There will also be a CASH MACHINE  for your convenience inside the hall.  We encourage you to bring a small shopping cart to save trips to your vehicle and to be aware of parking with care. 

 So, whether you are  wanting to spend some quality time with a friend, sister, mother, significant other, or just because.. we welcome you to join us.  Amy our foodie on site will have again the most amazing tantalising food choices !!!   

We thank you our friends and customers who make effort through the year to support many who run small businesses either through cottage industries or storefronts.   That is why we do what we LOVE!!!

Just a reminder that we love our furry family, but there is so much going on that we aren't able to accomodate them at the sale, and please we ask that they not be left in vehicles.. thank-you.

See you in 2 !!


Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Vintage With Flair

The Countdown is on to this year's sale in Priddis called Vintage With Flair,  and is   hosted by one of the Vintage Chicks. That would be me, Pam, along with our vendors  who are and have been busy , gathering, creating, finishing, and tweaking their pieces for their awesome Boutique like booths.  Priddis, Alberta, is a lovely hamlet and no matter what direction you are driving from you will be awed at the beauty of the area.  Priddis is a short 20  min. drive at the south end of Calgary on hwy 22x and a 1/2 km off the hwy on the south side. There will be a sign on the corner pointing you in the right direction.  Come out and support your local entrepreneurs, cottage industries, and small businesses  you will be amazed at all the fun loving and talented folks from your own backyard  of Alberta and beyond. There is a great food vendor on site our beloved Amy, that always has  the most incredible menu that will satisfy the most picky  of eaters.  So plan to spend an evening or day or both in a beautiful location, and support local talent by taking   home  one of a kind finds,  from vintage to hand created, you will NOT want to miss  it.  
Vintage With Flair, in the hamlet of Priddis, Alberta..  Friday   June 21  4 -8 pm   and Saturday  June 22nd  9 -4 pm.  $4.00

See you There !!