Sunday, 23 June 2013


Who would have ever imagined that 6 months ago when the dates June 21st and June 22nd, 2013  were reserved for Vintage With Flair, that they would be historic in the most traumatic of situations.   That the rivers would be filled to overflowing and spread throughout the basins and plains towns and cities of southern Alberta.   Unimaginable!!!    Well it happened and so much has been affected.   While we were in progress of setting up we had little idea till late Thursday that all would break loose.   Others had already joined in making Vintage With Flair a shoppers paradise.  We decided when it got risky to postpone our event to Saturday only to see if the waters would subside or increase to the point of putting too many at risk.   As the organiser I for reasons beyond my control was unable to pull out so.. we waited and watched to see if our situation would jeopardise either vendor or shopper.   By Saturday am.. the water was subsiding in  Fish Creek in the Priddis Hamlet and the sun was shining!  With 1/2 of our vendors, as many were very personally affected ,  we opened for 10 am to 4pm  and our faithful friends and neighbours joined us for a bit of a time away from all of the sad news  and events.
Many have thanked us for giving them a time of distraction and a bit of joy in the midst of all the devastation and loss.   That in itself made all of the efforts, adjustments and emotional stress worth while..  There is still much to do in the area of aiding in this most devastating time in so many areas including the city of Calgary.    Because of our faithful supporters   about 325..  we are donating a half of the entry which was $4. per. for a total of $650.. to the Red Cross for flood relief here in the area.    Thank you !!   
Keep posted for news for upcoming events !!!

Have an awesome summer,  and may you find joy in the simple things !!!

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