Tuesday, 2 April 2013


What inspires You?   Is it colour, design, texture, nature, or creative savvy?  Do you yourself enjoy to bring that inspiration to life?  Each of us has a different bent or gift as I call it on  what we are inspired by.  I myself am inspired by colour and texture.. it calls to me to see beyond sometimes the outer crust of dust, dirt and years of disregard.  That is what Vintage With Flair and our most talented vendors are made up of.  Those that see, use, create, fix, haul and showcase their "style" for YOU our friends, customers and guests.   Each Boutique type booth is thought out and brought together under one name to promote their individuality and network together.  There is still opportunity to share your individuality by applying onto the blog; above is the application.  Still a couple of spaces for unique style vendors!!

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